Music produced by Magie Le / Performed by Maria Laura I watched a documentary film the other night on Netflix about the animal world in Alaska and how they use their own strength, instinct to live through and survive in such extreme life environment. They remind me so much of human survivals, centuries after centuries. But [...] It has been over a week into the campaign of the project that I have worked vigorously the past two years. Though it has been hard and a very lonesome  journey which I have expected and prepared to face, I am still holding my hope high and keep my spirit up and going. [...]

It's Memorial Day weekend. For the last couple days, everyone around my neighborhood is busy with their family's get-together by the pool, their back yards. And I am sure cars has been filling up lanes in both direction up and down the freeway in the distance. This morning I am sitting peacefully here in my [...]

  This morning, there was a conversation from a forum I have joined few days ago made me decide to write this blog. A young entrepreneur, who has experienced down time just like I do sometime was looking for guidance and advice from other senior members.  The generous giving of their expertise and wisdom on [...]

That's a million question I know! I ask myself that question for years. But at least it's the start of my long journey of finding HOW? Mother Day has just passed and I did have a very weird day. Well, I said this because my own son reminded me of how....weird I am, and how....weird [...]

So, the two and half minute teaser is at the last stage of editing. The battle is over....PHEWWWWW!!!!!..... That's what I thought. Little that I knew I was in for quite a shock the past week as I realized there is a huge mountain just waiting for me around the corner. And what a shock it [...]

First, please forgive me for being silent and so distance for the last few days....well, actually, the last 303 days. I have a really good and honest excuse. All family members and friends from near and far, I promise you that you will forgive me after reading this. Here is why..................   Immediately, after finishing [...]

DAY 300 After almost a year of working relentlessly days after days, and nights after night, the last frame of the "Sturg-man" project has finally completed. Goshhhh...with a limited vocabulary as English is my second language, I really don't know the exact words to explain the overwhelming feeling that is oozing out from every cell [...]